Saturday 20 March 2021


Question on Metafilter last week about jobs where the actual work to pay ratio was most favourable.

Watchman type positions. In the 00s, The Boy went to work for British Airways freight in Heathrow. It was pretty exciting: he'd occasionally trot out on the apron to deliver a last package to the plane as it backed out for take-off [long stick to the flight-deck window chekkitout - you can also [R] evacuate the cockpit through the flight-deck window]. But BA was automating all their logistics into bar-coded air-freight containers and miles of switching track hanging from gantries. He kept his pay and title but thereafter he was watching a bank of monitors. About 5% of his time was dealing with snarl-ups, 95% reading / goofing / studenting for Open University [My Son the Engineer]. 

Movie projectionist Last time we were in the, late and little lamented, Enniscorthy Plaza Quadriplex, possibly in the 00s, the film went wonk and we all shouted "focus! Focus!" for a fix. Eventually one of the customers, possibly me, went out in the foyer and dragged the spotty youth responsible away from chatting up the pop-corn vendors.

Head of School

Postie. My second job was portering in the local hospital. My primary task was to collect and deliver post three times a day to-from the various wards and departments. Between my rounds I was instructed to keep out of sight in the tea-room. I spent more time resting each week than walking.

I see I've consolidated a couple of relevant anecdotes into an earlier Blob.

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