Sunday 28 March 2021

Sunday in Suez

The hive-mind delivers! I written before about the spare enigmatic poetry of William Carlos Williams, which is filed in my mind with that of e.e. cummings. The MV Ever Given [here moving in Before Times] mishap on the Suez canal brought forth a flood of waggish and ironic comments about the problem and it's solution, even as oil prices went up $3/bbl the very next day. 
Thinkwert William Carlos Williams
I have blocked I have eaten
the canal the plums
that was in that were in
Egypt the icebox
and which and which
you were probably you were probably
using saving
for the global economy for breakfast
Forgive me Forgive me
It went sideways they were delicious
so fast so sweet
and out of control and so cold
But the ship-wedgie is not the only thing that has floated my boat this week!

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