Thursday 1 April 2021

Maritime matters


Here's a post-mortem based on sat-track, showing how EverGiven grazed the left bank, then over-corrected into the right sand. If you want to stalk the EverGiven in future, we know where she lives. And more ship-porn: these container ships have all passed the Evergreen as she licks her wounds in the Great Bitter Lake after her sandy encounter.

There are thousands of these monsters shipping artificial limbs, buoys, car-parts, drinking glasses, electronics, fire-helmets, garden furniture, hair-dryers . . . Suez is not the only choke-point: access to container cranes at Rotterdam and Felixstowe is needed to get the containers onto smaller ships, trains or trucks. Crane-bookings are all ahoo for the next several weeks at least. Finally we need to give tribs to Cork's own Master Mariner whose considered wisdom and zoom-aplomb were much in demand from the media this last week:

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