Tuesday 27 April 2021

Team AZ

As a thrifty sort of chap, I find it hard to resist freebies. It was with some alacrity, therefore, that I immediately signed up for an opportunity to be covaxxed. Because she's a minus one vintage, The Beloved [TB] registered the following day: dob, mobile#, PPS, Eircode.  It is absolutely typical for Darby & Joans born in the 50s to be about the same age with Joan being a year or two younger. That's because [I know this from having a twin sister] for all the years that matter, boys have an emotional and social maturity a tuthree years behind the girls in the same class at school.

One reason for requiring an Eircode is to strip off the first three digits to match vaxxee to the nearest vaxxination centre. Although that could be more accurately achieved by using the GP's practice address - another data-asset required for vax-reg. I am called [Today, at tea-time!] to the Eircode-R95 Cillin Hill Vaccination Centre, a moribund conference centre on the outskirts of Kilkenny in the next county. It is a round trip of 80km. As I explained before, I am being privileged for the jab . . . because Old. We cannot be the only cases where two almost same-old people are living at the same Eircode and could be given adjacent cubicles in the vaxx-centre and save the planet from two 80km round-trips of carbon footprint. Another example Covid-19 monomania - harrrumph!

There has been a lot of loose talk G5 telephony, vaccination, BillGatesChips and electomagnetic radiation. How could we forget "that friend of Richard Branson" who developed a brain-tumour under the ear against which he held his brick-sized 1980s mobile phone. Well let me tell you, I'm not going to let them chip me in the head while they distract me with their vaccination theatre. The tin-foil hat is better than prayer against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.  If The Blob goes real quiet about four days from now, you'll know that I've been clotted. If this channel starts to mutter with knowledge and authority about software fixes for trojan vulnerabilities, you'll know I've been GatesChipped.

Notes added in press: last night after office hours, TB got her call to upper left arms . . . exactly 24 hours after mine. Really [the management of] Covid-19 is no respecter of individual convenience.

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