Tuesday 5 January 2021

Knocking off the eight years

Seems that I [R] started The Blob eight years ago today. I was full of bounce and hope:

Saturday, 5 January 2013
New job, nearer home
On Monday, after three decades of teaching and research in the University sector, I'm moving sideways to teach in an Institute of Technology.  This is an alternative tier of Third Level (and indeed Fourth Level) teaching and research, where the student contact hours are much longer and hence the diversity of topics to be covered by one person quite broad.  Insanely broad, I thought, when my new HoD read out the list of classes for which I'd be responsible.  So, whatever happens to the students in the next year, I am going to learn a lot.

That final aspiration was fulfilled: over those years I did indeed learn a lot: about science; about people; about organisations; and about myself. And ranging far and wide beyond the Irish Midlands. It's all there, my whole life [what I can remember of it] in The Blob.

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