Saturday 30 January 2021

AAA Battery


For blushing shame and, like, what are we like? I share yesterday's RTE top left headline story on The Blob's top-left headline position. I won't link to those pieces any more than I'd point you, delicate reader, at the killing of adult race-horses or the slaughter of greyhound pups which don't make the genetic cut. As my mentor taught me, your rights end where my nose begins, so I'm not advocating that Katie Taylor should be forbidden from biffing another willing participant in the privacy of her own back garden. Indeed the title of this post is a bit dishonest because common law defines battery as any unlawful and or unwanted touching of the person of another by the aggressor . . . which allows the Police to restrain perps and allows consenting adults to whack each other in saunas.
My objection is the objectification of two people beating each other with their fists for the amusement of a crowd. Anyone who promotes such an event should be shunned by society and made to attend anger management classes. Michael D. I'm looking at you!

tl;dr Boxing as a money making enterprise: 👎👎👎

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