Sunday 28 June 2020

True voices

Lock down last week?
  • Latvian woodcraft-folk folk
  • Meanwhile on the streets of Dublin
    • Allie Sherlock and Cuan Durkin can't help falling in love
    • Cuan Durkin & Rosie Byrne do Perfect
    • Allie Sherlock and Cuan Durkin do Perfect
      • It's not technically perfect but they are all so full of heart. ya gotta love them. And could someone feed that boy up ? He's sooo thin and always cold.
  • Land of sand
    • Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh making a ham sandwich sets a very low bar: what a terrible bread to bracket sound locally sourced and home-cooked simple food. Any of his neighbours [okay I guess they'd have to be older than 60 and female] could knock up a round of brown soda and have it round to Mícheál's within the hour.
    • Meanwhile in Portugal they blame the French for this heart attack between two slices of bread . . . and slathered in gravy. Não é um milhões de passos do poutine.
    • My grannie's kilo-samosa business
    • Nutella in Reactistan
  • Scienciness
  • The Arts: park your prej its hard to see where the irony ends
  • History channel

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