Sunday 15 March 2020

Corona Corona

Damn and blast it; Corona is owning centre stage in my life. Not least because I danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales: which mean that I sat next to someone in the pub for 90 minutes on Tuesday. The previous Thursday an early CoVid-19 case was identified on the very floor on which she works in Dublin. The math in the links below indicate that the true numbers of contagious (even if asymptomatic) people is about 10x the official figures. Last night the official count was 129 which is more likely 1,300. So here we go with my One Stop Shop for Corona
Virus 2020.
  • Corona codona: My pal Bobbos academic analysis to point the finger at bats as the CoVid-19 natural host.
  • Hints of LockDown at Ireland Inc.
  • Preparing for the end of the world - a fortnight of self-isolation
  • Crap-detecting: sales of the beer [R] are not [Snopes] affected by the virus going viral.
  • This just in: the horse's mouth on Covid-19. Globalisation spreads the disease (air-travel) but it has also made drugs and medical devices vulnerable to supply-chain glitches: from economics, weather, social instability etc. Too many eggs are in too few baskets a long way from you and me if we need, say, an egg or two.
    • good news is that kids are low risk for Covid-19
    • not so good news their middle-aged parents are at risk (not just the grannies)
      • Michael Osterholm (the horse) credentials the whole Joe Rogan interview is findable but 100 minutes.
  • Covid-19: reasons for lock-down; impact of failing to do this: triage, death, disruption; with charts and graphs
  • Stats graphs timeline of CoVid-19 developments in Ireland [Wikipedia]
  • Putting Covid-19 in perspective: it's going to be worse than Swine 'flu but better than Spanish 'flu
  • The end of the world as we know it: toilet-roll wars
  • Suggested reading for 14 days at home On the Beach by Nevil Shute: an invisible deadly killer sweeping round the world (after nuclear holocaust) and what folks do while waiting for the end

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