Friday 20 March 2020

A snip at €1 million

Enough with Corona already! For a couple of notes more than €1,000,000 you can buy a choice {Merlyn [shown R]| St Albans}of 3 bedroom semis in Dublin 4 each about twice the footprint of our 'umble mountain 'ome. That will be convenient if you have to work in Dublin and like to be invited to parties in the various embassies that will surround your new home. Modern parents also take into account the druthers of their teenage and sub-teen children. I know of a couple of cases where the bread-winner has had to refuse a peachy job out of town or out of country because Junior will be bereft at losing daily contact with his current peer-group. Hey J! get with the programme, if you get out and about more you'll maybe meet the love of your life . . . from Andorra or Zambia.
OR . . .
For the same suitcase of folding money, you could buy Bartragh Is. . . your own island just off the coast (at high tide) in Killala Bay, Co. Mayo:
Like Erraid, the island my sister called home for several years in the 90s, you can walk across the flats at low tide. But they are similarly a bit short on trees, because the whippy Atlantic gales make it quite inhospitable to young trees and it will take years of care and protection to establish a shelter belt. But maybe that's just tree-hugger me. In the last 90s, Nick Faldo wanted to make a classic Golf Links in the dunes. There is a bit of a house, helped into a ruinous condition by the local 'lads':
Ooo look. Trees! I implied that there were no trees; but I actually wrote that there were few trees for 170 ha. = 420 acres. On a good day, the views are clear but the title might be murky

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