Sunday 8 March 2020

child abuse of use

Do you sleep easy in your bed at night? Do you wake up to have a pee and can't get back off again after? Do you worry about how that will leave you wrecked for work the next day? First World problem, lads!  When you're staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to return, do you ever reflect on the fact that there is a ceiling? No? Me neither! On Friday night, The Boy and his firstborn Gdau.I dressed up like Johnny Fortycoats, seized up their sleeping bags, an old tarpaulin and some cardboard boxes to try homeless-for-a-night. This is the 4th of these annual events for which the two of them [and a ratttle of 'usual suspects'] have signed up.

The idea, promoted by Julian House is to Sleep out for one night, so others don't have to. Friday night and Saturday morning this year was better than average for the time of year. In 2017 is was frosty pillows; in 2018 it rained stair-rods; 2019 the wet was all from condensation but none the less wet for all that. It's not meant to be balmy good weather: it is March, in England . . . the homeless do this every night wet or dry because they don't have the choice.
This year no rain . . . and bacon sangers [GDPR compliant example L] miraculously appeared in the grey light of morning. It's not about the BLTs; it's not really about the money; it's so that Gdau.I, when she's old enough to vote, can say "I gave already".  Today it's International Women's Day: good to know that the well of strong wimmin ain't going to run dry anytime soon.

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