Sunday 16 February 2020

Sunday Sixteen

Phew, what a week! 12/02 we had Darwinday, 14/02 (it happened every year: one-two) we had alentine's Day. Now it's 16/02.
  1. Meet the scientist - Sarah
  2. Meet the Storm - Ciara
  3. Make the Montecristo - Esbieta
  4. Thar she blows - Kilauea
  5. Lì lei soffia - Etna
  6. Rutherford meets Race - Wireless
  7. Mellivora capensis meets Canis mesomelas - Python
  8. Age meets Youth - Depression
  9. LNWR meets MR - Viaduct
  10. Meet Mr Bayes - Probability
  11. Running the edge - Kilian
  12. Maps meet data - Pasture
  13. Pie rants climate - Sydney
  14. Façade rencontre Metro - Bâtiments
  15. Fermette rencontre pente - Legumes
  16. Hannah bends rules - RI-Xmas
From Link 12, a shocking amount of cattle burping up their Methane footprint
My chiroptobessive friend Emma sent me "a gorgeous bat to make you happy!" Most would think that it was a peculiar expression of condolence, but it's good with me. The bat-wrist is the knob halfway out along the fore-edge of  the wing. There are, just like us, five digits radiating from that stump: metacarpals [palm bones] and three phalanges [knuckle-bones]. Evo-devo is a curious mix of inertia and wild departure.
Further to link 13 above, my colleague David at The Institute alerted me to additional functionality at Windwatcher (where I get all my incommmming storm pictures]. Here's M2.5 particulates for 14 Jan 2020 at the height of the Australian bushfires in the News. [prevticulates] What is a huge <coff> <coff> problem in Melbourne is an everyday story of country folk choking in a miasma of cook-fires, coal-burning power-stations and badly-tuned diesel vehicles across swathes of India and China.

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