Wednesday 25 December 2019

Christmas 2019

I was up in The Smoke on the Friday before Christmas - assuming the traffic to be grid-rocked as 100,000 city-drones made their way to the Home Farrrrm down the country, I took Wexfordbus there and back again. I booked a seat and got to the pick-up stop quick to better fight my way aboard. That gave me much time to watch the rotating disco exposé on the Custom House [as above]. I've been catching buses from the Quays for nigh on 30 years . . . and they don't have bus huts yet!
I hope you have better things to do than read The Bob, but as you're here, I wish you the very best for the day, the morning after and the New Year. Nowwaig Shona Duit!

Cracker motto from The Works Do. [It's years since we had crackers at Christmas]: Bobby's mother has three kids. The First is named May; the second June; what is the name of the third infant?

King Wm IOM Christmas Quiz is out. One section is about cash-money which is not inappropriate for St.Mammon's:
What currency of which country is suggested by:
1 a nip?
2 6.76 metres for Au?
3 a Serbian amphitheatre?
4 a sweet-tasting carbohydrate?
5 a converted arab site of worship?
6 a competitive gathering of XY gamebirds?
7 the home of an optic Cetacean?
8 a many-hued trogon?
9 a shining proboscis?
10 punctuation?
Metapuzz: what's missing from the text above and here?

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