Tuesday 17 September 2019

Climate Strike 20 Sep 2019

I'm off to The Ploughing, in me wellies, to shill for The Institute, all day. They are giving sun, I'll bring a hat. But there are bigger climate things to take on board . . . you'll need to buy a boat, yes, so a nautical metaphor is appropriate.

If all the ice-sheets melt, the sea will rise 70m. That's Florida gone [source] except for scuba-diving:

Think of a city: New York, London, Shanghai, Paris . . . they all started as ports or river crossings, so they're all full of low-lifes really un-hilly. The Eiffel Tower will still be there but you'll have to approach by boat: the foundations being 30m down.
Parochial gigs: climate protests are scheduled for lunchtime this Friday 20th Sept 2019
Carlow   Waterford   Dublin
On Friday, PM I shall be arranging deck-chairs at the Higher Options College Recruitment Fair in thr RDS.

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