Monday 25 November 2019


A few years ago, having relied on Wikipedia as the Go To source of information, I coughed up 30 notes to keep that corner of the interweb ad-free. They [or at least their best-behaved robot] responded effusively. I felt virtuous for having contributed to a source which I consult at least daily. I didn't go so far as to set up a standing order but I've been sending Wikipedia the same amount of money in a desultory fashion since then. Occasionally, like last week, their robot pulls on my coat again
and usually that triggers another contribution. Unless you believe that information, like water, falls from the sky, you should do the same.

I got a really peculiar response:
I feel so lucky to get to be the person to thank you for your € 30.00 gift, on behalf of a world of people seeking free knowledge. What shape does your curiosity take? And how does Wikipedia fit? I used to try and guess what motivated you to give. What special spark exists in your mind, connecting you to a global community representing every pursuit and personal history, united by a commitment to keeping Wikipedia online? The longer I do this work, the more I realize I can’t put your curiosity in a box. There is no one singular experience of Wikipedia. Curiosity is as diverse as we all are, and it looks a little different for each of us. When you use Wikipedia next, I hope you feel even more deeply that it belongs to you. Because without you, and without the love and support of billions of people who come back to us every day, we would be nothing. Thank you for giving Wikipedia shape, and purpose, and momentum. 
Thank you for fitting us into your life. With immense gratitude, 
 Katherine Katherine Maher, 
Executive Director Wikimedia Foundation 
Many employers will generously match employee contributions: please check with your employer to see if they have a corporate matching gift program. Of course The Institute hasn't embraced such a scheme but I couldn't correctly guess any corporation which had signed up. So here's the list

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