Sunday 28 July 2019

Sunday Mix 28 July 2019

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Back from Bath Enga-lond yest arvo. We live (as you read on the side>>>bar) half way up a mountain in the Sunny South East of Ireland. As a fine example of vernacular architecture the house is tucked into the hill, sheltered from the elements but also protected / prevented from any long view to the sea. You have to walk up higher for the panorama vistas. If the weather is clear-ish, you can see the sun-glint off Wexford Harbour and make out Rosslare ferryport 60km away beyond. After passing the Tuskar light on the brexit ferry, it is time to gaze NW to check if our Red Hill Knockroe is still there. Yesterday tea-time it was!
Yesterday breakfast-time otoh we were gazing at hot-air balloons drifting across the City of Bath. There are three in sight but you have to clean your screen of flyshit to be sure of the third single-pixel vehicle between the other two and the horizon.

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