Tuesday 12 June 2018

The White Stuff

Y'know how people slag Twitter for tweets about what ordinary people had for their breakfats [sic! a first meal of the day without saturated animal fat ain't worth getting out of bed for]. But sometimes the domestic and quotidian can be neat enough to capture. Now it's not for nothing that m'life-partner is referred to on The Blob as The Beloved. A couple of weekends ago we were expected company and TB got a bit aspirational on the catering front. She left on Monday to look after her esteemed father Pat the Salt. When I got back from work that night, I found that the vacuum packed fresh strawberries were a little furry: probably Podosphaera aphanis. Only a little, mind, so I scooped the two worst affected fruit in the compost bin and cooked the rest up as un p'tit compĂ´t des fraises and very nice they were too. Three warm days later and the compost bin looked interesting:
Go forth an multiply, indeed! That will go down a treat in the wider vistas of the the compost heap, and indeed it has because we try not to keep microbiological experiments active in the kitchen . . . except for the sourdough, of course. Then a week later it was white-on-white when I found a white ermine moth Spilosoma lubricipeda trying to look inconspicuous on the bottom of the bath:
Not such a good match, my fine young moth, you should try a touch of blue to match the copper salts that bleed from the inside of our pipes because of the acid water [prevomoan]. We moved the moth to an open window where it can easily escape if it wanted to lay eggs on  stinging nettle Urtica dioica, broom Cytisus scoparius, alfalfa=lucerne Medicago saliva, viper's bugloss Echium vulgare or dandelion Taraxacum officinale.

 And because [white] things always come in threes, I was walking rapidly across campus at The Institute last Friday late for an examiners meeting when I heard the, once heard never forgotten, wook wook sound of flying swans and saw a pair of these wonderful creatures pacing North above the River Barrow. I'm so glad I forgot my glasses and had to go back to the car for them.

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