Sunday 24 June 2018

Sunday Sundae 240618

Woowah Loolah:
  • I didn't see the [clawed] end of this story about clogged pipes: I larfed. via MeFi.
  • Co-worker told me a story about a worker in the Waterford Iron Foundry who used to raffle his weekly paycheque. Not quite charitable because the cheque was for £182/wk and most of the 400 employees each paid in £1 to have a chance at a windfall. Probably Urban Legend.
  • Story in a radio segment about de-escalating confrontation with the angry and dispossessed to bring "the problem" back under control. Man goes into a bank with a gun and demands $2,200. Bank-teller finds the specificity of the amount peculiar and asked robber why he needs that much. Robber says his pal will be evicted unless he can raise $2,200 back-rent of his apartment. Teller suggests he go over to the the desk in customer service and she'll come out and arrange a loan for him.
  • The madness of pass-time - Dressage à l'Afrique
  • Feelgood: Telling people they're beautiful - in Brussels
  • On Food and Cookin'
  • Red Deer have heft
  • The Slightly Spooky Recamán Sequence <Numberphile alert>

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