Friday 22 May 2020

Enough already!

The Blob is as old as my current instar: which is working the science crowd at The Institute where I rocked up for work on Monday 7th Jan 2013. The point was to weblog the process of transition between two very different sectors of Irish 3rd Level education. And/or between the status of being effectively unemployed (and with mind on life-support although not wholly idle) through 2012 vs working 80 hr weeks to keep flocks of chattering and questioning students fed with tid-bits of [mostly relevant] information. I've never felt so alive: super busy, moderately stressed, but learning a lot. The formal teaching stopped at the end of April '13 but I was still wired, and The Blob kept going. On Wednesday 22nd May 2013, I had nothing to say, and a stack of exam scripts to grade, so No Blob, but the next day, Colonel Bob was back in the saddle whoopin' and a-hollerin' over the prairies of science and the back-catalogue of his "mind" looking for copy. He's done his reg'lar ~700 words every . single . day . since. Some considerably less intelligible than others, as the archives will show: pick a random day [your mother-in-law's b'day, why not?] and a random year 2013-2020 and read what was jangling my brain-chain back then. I do this occasionally and have to scratch my head: I've no idea what that younger me was on about.

Blogger says there are about 1,000 daily readers out there; although who knows how many of them are data scraping robots.They'd give you a break. Haway out of that, though, readers make only part of the engine. You don't have to be OCD [waall mebbe y' do!] to think that stopping an un-broken run of 2,500 somethings would be a shame. But really Ah STOP Bob! It doesn't have to be un-broken: fix it.
Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage.

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