Sunday 5 April 2020

Shut-in II Sunday

If it's going to be a self-sufficient summer, we're going to need beans [rearing their prehistoric heads at bottom] and peas [apical meristem erupting above]. If only I could plant ammo.
other news:
Viz Top Tips. Life Hacks: Spray your fish and chips with Mr Muscle window cleaner. It contains vinegar and will cut through grease to make your meal healthier. Save money on batteries by only putting them into your clock when you need to know the time. Fitness instructors: help fat people do sit-ups by gluing scotch eggs to the top of their shoes. Save on your water bill: every time you use the toilet, pee into the cistern. It all goes down the same way and you'll save £1.56 over a life-time. Save money on milk by not reporting your neighbour's death. You can even leave a note for the milkman to bring more expensive items like chicken and potatoes. Blob Original: Save on hand-sanitizer by going shopping with a snap-lid bucket of water and a bar of soap:

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