Sunday 19 April 2020

Sunday mixum-gatherum

Dan Giannopoulos was out and about in Nottingham and saw a casually discarded glove. It changed his life: he couldn't stop seeing gloves. He started to record and eventually collage them. No need to touch them <fomite alert>. Wot are we like!? You can turn an art installation into data - for science
We need reasons to be cheerful. Sing along!
A bit of grin and bear it, a bit of come and share it
You're welcome, we can spare it - yellow socks
Bananas, 6 pack 14
Bananas, loose 6
Bananas, midi 4
Bread , white sliced  17
Broccoli 13
Butter 2
Dog food 19
Instant noodles - chicken 15
Irish carrots  3
Low fat milk 2 litres 11
Mandarins 7
Milk 1 litre 8
Milk 2 litres 1
Milk 3 litres 18
Milk chocolate digestives 16
Mushrooms 300g 10
Raspberries (125g) 5
Sugar 1kg 20
Tomato 6 pack 9
Tomatoes, tinned 12

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