Sunday 5 November 2017

Copperas 051117

All good fun. Follow-up from article "Copper Bottomed" I wrote in July.
  • Copperas is ferrous sulphate or iron II sulphate and so nothing to do with the element copper. The etymology appears to be that copper sulphate, which has a gorgeous cyan turquoise colour, was originally known as blue copperas, the iron salt as green copperas, and zinc sulphate as white copperas. Copperas from Latin aqua cuprosa. Copperas will sort you out if you're anaemic but will probably also gum up the bowel.
  • Tankardstown, Co Waterford has an amazing blue lagoon in the subterranean copper workings. Ordinary folk can't get down there so they've made a 3-D tour.
  • Today they have a Book Fair as well to raise funds for the Copper Coast Geopark. Geopark. Visitor Centre, Bonmahon. Sun. 5th. Nov. 1.00pm.   Free entry but you'll have to pay for the books (three boxes of which we donated last year . . . which didn't sell).
  • Otzi the Iceman had a copper-faced axe. You too could own such a thing . . . if yer made it
  • Copperfaced Jack's another place to make it . . . yer wish.
And now for somethings complete diff:

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