Sunday 18 July 2021

Saint Pambo's Day

Pambo, one of the early Desert Fathers of the Coptic church, is a little bit like Nasreddin in having mildly amusing tales attached to his fame-name. He was said to be a bit moany-moany po-face much of the time and some fellaheen decide to see could they make the saint crack a smile. They put a feather on a baulk of timber and made a great show "two-six heave" of effort to carry it into the saint's presence. He laughed at their extravagant antics and they hooted back "made you larf made you larf har har har". Saint Pambo the Serious replied "I'd did not laugh with joy at your antics, rather with ironic contempt at your foolishness". He was also known as Saint Dick.

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