Sunday 16 August 2020

Pão Sun Mid Aug


Some of the small white fluffy loaves that you can buy for ¥200 = €1.50 at the Syokupan bakery. From the top: Mentaiko/CodRoe; Cheesu; Anko/SweetRedBean; Raisin; Walnut; TunaMayo. Pan the Japanese word for bread is an early loan word from Portuguese Pão. As happens, a passing interest in X on youtube will tilt your feed in that direction. So I get
That's a still from The Way of Walking Alone, a video with Kodo drum background with 21 aphorisms from 獨行道 Dokkodo by Miyamoto Mushasi (1584-1645), a famously undefeated swordsman and philosopher. What else?
  • Farmer growing onions, garlic and spuds in the middle of Narita Airport. His father was offered money to move but preferred to offer 灯油と玉ねぎ cebola con aviation fuel for sale like in the old days.
  • International?
  • Lit Crit: gallopping analysis of Kurt Vonnegut's theories about fiction not being true to life. I guess we read fiction to make it seem that our lives could be are more interesting than they are. They are not! And a good thing too, it is no fun living in exciting times.
  • Faking it "The lines are so clean, did you use a router?" when talking to woodwork bores.  Nobody cares as much about your keep-sake chest as you do. Your grandchildren's photos are waaaaay less interesting to me than they are to the parents. My stock response when presented with newborns in the poopy flesh is "S/he looks within the normal range".
  • Scything in the dewy morning.
  • Kielbasa by the metre according to family recipe.
  • 4th July Asbury Park The Boss's hymn to NJ

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