Saturday 1 July 2017

Saturday Arts Block 01Jul17

O Canada! It is the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the Dominion of Canada. I wrote about the Canadian flag 4 years ago. [Part of] Canada is part of la francophonie - sing it!  More party propaganda.

There has been a movement for the last several years which leaves books in public places so that they can travel further. Emma Watson, a person in her own right, has been leaving signed copies of Margaret Attwood's La servante ├ęcarlate around Paris. With the majority of my readers tuning in from France, some of you know somebody who knows somebody who has picked one up. via Metafilter which elicits this plaintive comment "Damn it, Emma! Stop making me love you so much. You're too young for me."

Young Emma is freeing The Word up.  As a counter point, a friend of mine has just landed a job at the Higher Education Authority HEA here in Ireland. He thought to check up on The Blob (on company time tsk tsk!) and found we are flagged as "prohibits access to websites categorised as Adult/Sexually explicit."  Sounds exciting, I should  surely be getting more page-views.

The late lamented Alan Rickman asserts My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun.

Yesterday was the 123rd anniversary for the opening of London's Tower Bridge. That's the Gothic one with the bascule opening which was decorated with Onion Rings in 2012 [see R]:
In 1952, before Rotterdam became Europe's largest port, there was a lot of traffic under the bridge and ships had priority over road-vehicles. In December of that year a #78 bus was trundling across when the bridge started opening. The driver Albert Gunter floored the accelerator to clear a 1m gap landing 2m down with a clunk. There were no serious injuries and Gunter was given £10 for pluckiness. This chap in Bruinisse NL didn't have sufficient momentum for his jump. This guy from Palm Beach FL made it; as did a 3m long bratwurst, in Chicago.

According to Quartz everyone - Left Right Goopi Loopi Nazi - is into Ashwagandha Withania somnifera nowadays. Tonifying their immune system; curing cancer; benefitting their adrenals; de-stressing and curing hiccups. Ashwa-gandha means horse-smelling in Sanskrit, so maybe it will help you decide on the winner in the 2.30 at Punchestown. Goop booboprev.

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