Sunday 16 July 2017

Sunday Miscellany 160717

Sunday very miscellaneous
  • Glorious - I mentioned this at the beginning of the week at the end of a tl;dr piece about crumblies so you may have missed it so this is a repeat.
  • Walking on water: The Dock a floating surf-board launch-pad: why has nobody thought of this before?
  • So sorry Scotland - after the larger partner to the Union voted to leave the EU
  • Part 1/26 county songs: Kieran McGilligan sings My Own Leitrim Home. Did he write this, as well as sit the in rocking chair to sing it? Or is the Leitrim Anthem 1b/26 Bonnie "pant-suit" Stewart singing Lovely Leitrim Shore. No better evidence that Leitrim was left behind in the 1970s.
  • Treorchy Male Voice Choir sing
  • Back in June, I flagged Michael 'Moneyball' Lewis's advice to young privileged people to acknowledge their luck and not get too smug about how it was all working out so well for them. I was therefore primed for another commencement address on 3quarksdaily, in which John Roberts the US Chief Justice spoke to golden-spooned 14 year old white-headed boys on leaving Cardigan Mountain School. He counter-intuitively wished them bad luck, betrayal and unfair treatment so that they could reflect more directly on their fortune [see the whole thang here]. That's fine and the whole performance has gone viral.  He finishes he peroration with a quip about being unable to offer the lads any advice about how to cope with women. Elise Hempel checks the Old Boy on this cop out: He could have told that group of soon-to-be men, "You've been at a school with just boys. Most of you will be going to a school with girls. Listen to them. Respect them. Treat them as the equals that they are."  Wot she said!
  • Taking Elise's harrumph on board we'll park Boy's Own and try a Mixed Welsh Choir is truly weird costumes singing Calon Lân 
  • Eeee, I do love a bit of rope especially found >!free!< on the beach
  • Years and years ago, I made a Bodice-ripper calendar for one of The Beloved's sisters. Each month had a 'quote' from that genre of books. One went something like "As newly-wed Morag slipped between the linen sheets, Alastair's braw tartan torso filled the door-frame . . . slowly he unfastened his kilt."  Dau.II sent me graphic satire on such writings. by Cris Shapan

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