Sunday 23 April 2017

Being creative 230417

Interviewer: Five days a week you deliver a 2 minute piece in the character of Fred Dagg.  Do you ever find yourself stuck for an idea? 
John Clarke: Frequently, and I just have to get myself unstuck to meet the deadline.

And as evidence that even the most creative and funny people have a limited fubnd of stories and anecdotes, here's John Cleese listening to his mother; and here he is again, different studio, same script.  John Cleese once described Palmerston North, NZ as the most boring place on Earth. The town retaliated by naming their municipal trash tip Mt Cleese; go Kiwis!

Hilarity for intellectuals: philosophers play existential soccer.

On matters of existence and non-existence, here are a bunch of parents explaining contraception to their teens. via Metafilter where one commentator points to the several layers of ignorance among the parents. Kids are pretty funny, some of them, This is another case where the education is best left to experts; or parents who can be bothered to find out where their Cowper's gland is.

My grandfather built racing yachts in Dunmore East, where he was harbourmaster, in the 1930s. But I can't be the only one who finds it compelling to watching Lou Sauzedde show us how to build a boat over 11.5 hours of video time. I reckon that 11.5 person hours is about what it took us to build a model boat over Easter. Should have gone for the real thing.

All a bit heavy? Try some lightness:
The Tide is high Blondie
You're Still the One Shania Twain (ignore the weird video of chap in and out of bath)

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