Sunday 2 August 2015

Follow-ups from the wilds

Following from my piece last March about Y Wladfa, the Welsh colony in Patagonia, here is an interesting long-form "In Welsh Patagonia" by Jasper Rees in Intelligent Life.  via Metafilter.

Scott Jurek speaks from the top of Mt Katadhin, having run further, faster.

Âina: that which feeds us.  Is a Vimeo Staff Pick developing the idea of soil diversity and richness.

I've recently discovered the youtube channel Good Mythical Morning [GMM].  It's quite funny.  Here's one on the virtues of urine, a topic I leaked about in May 2013.

Remember Lake Baikal? More fresh water than you can shake a stick at?  Here's a short to indicate what lives in that water. 1000+ named species found nowhere else.

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