Sunday 14 August 2016

Colour supplement 140816

Scything clover: wish I could do this
Scything and stooking wheat it's a different stroke
Running the distance:
Mr and Mrs Regan, pensioners of standing, run marathons
Pekka Kuusisto fiddles and sings at The Proms
Iron & Wine - Cinder and Smoke
Kodaline sing All I want, at Glastonbury
The Egg Master at the Grauniad
Architectural education:
McMansion 101
I tribbed Henry Marsh's book Do No Harm last year. Now you can read a longform chapter.
We were clearing out one of the sheds this weekend and came across a couple of yard-sale books which I'd acquired for the hilarious titles;
Lesbia's Little Blunder by Bessie Marchant. 1st edn Frederick Warne 1934. [cost me 30p] This was Beatrix Potter's [prev] publisher. I don't think it is subconsciously 'gay' the way the Biggles books and supposed to be. But there is plenty of scope for Viz magazine fnarr snk snk leers: There's a Mounty, for instance, and lady called Miss Boosey and "Strange Doings at Spruce Bottom"
"I came on such a queer place," she burst out breathlessly . . . etc. etc.
Almost as exciting is Bully, Fag and Hero by Charles J. Mansford. Publ. Jarrolds 1897. [also cost 30p] Which from the picture on the cover is about schoolboy bondage.

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