Thursday 12 February 2015

Caife Eolaíochta

My Irish is very trying, so the post title probably has two grammatical errors.  What I think it means is Science Café a cunning plan to bring science to the people. The idea was first floated in these WEA islands in Leeds in 1998 as Café Scientifique in conscious tribute to Café Philosophique founded in France in the early 1990s. I'm not sure why they were speaking in French in Northern industrial England.  The first meeting of such a venture in the Sunny South East of Ireland occurred on Tuesday evening 10th Feb 2015 in a pub in Wexford. There are no Cafés open in the evenings in small town Ireland. It was pushed forward by Cliona O'Farrelly, who had been having an interesting science-themed conversation at Christmas . . . which came to an end . . . and made her think . . . how can I tilt the process to have more such chats?

Four of us met on Tuesday evening: an immunologist, an evolutionary biologist, an environmental scientist and a telecomms engineer.  The only label I'm comfortable about laying on here is the second, because that's what I'd prefer to have on my passport. We talked round the houses for a couple of hours and got together a tentative operational model. In a month's time, 10th March 2015, second Tuesday of the Month, we're going to meet to talk about a classic iconoclastic paper about our understanding of how evolution happens. The conversation should go off in many directions but we hope to limit the the amount of woo-wah and concentrate on matter for which there is evidence.

Come on down!

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