Sunday 8 October 2017

Shorts Sunday 081017

I really must get up to the Faroe / Faeroe archipelago, The Blob has only looked at the islands from afar. Despite the isolation and windy weather, some 65,000 people are hanging in there with their own distinct language and culture. They are making an effort to bring a cascade of $$$s and €€€s into the island by giving the region a higher profile. If you want a sentence translated into Faroese you type it in here, wait a few seconds and you call will be routed to a real islander who will say it back  in her/his native language. How cool is that? Don't, like me, try "Let us kill more whales" though, they are fed up with that old cliché and a nice lady will refer you to where you will be lectured about regulation and sustainability. via MeFi where some interesting commentary about bandwidth and infrastructural support in Faroes vs Shetland and other remote parts of the UK

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