Monday 16 January 2023

Arise St Fursey!

You can't expect to catch a romantic sunrise on any day in mid-January in Ireland. It is nearly 2 years since I discovered that a petroglyph, the work of human hand, on a flattish glacial erratic, probably not the work of human hand, was oriented towards the point of the horizon where the sun rises on St Fursey's Day. Huzzah! that would be today! Last year the weather crapped out on Furseyites in the Sunny South East and I couldn't see 100m, let alone the horizon.

It was wonderful to be out and about before the sun rises. There were 2° of frost, which dried up the puddles and made the surface of the path up to the Giant's Table a little less boggy. Positively warm compared to my accompanying audiobook [An Unsung Hero by Michael Smith] which had Tom Crean and two others racing plodding stumbling for their lives down the Beardmore Glacier in January 1912 in 20° of frost. 

Anyway, you see above the evidence that the sun rose today, that I was there to witness, that life is good. Lá Feile Fursa!!

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