Monday 20 September 2021

Storm names 2021

This just in! Ireland punching above its weight cornering this Winter's storm names!! This year Met Éireann, Met Office UK and KMNI Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut are, not for the first time doing hands-across-the-ocean, singing-from-the-same-hymn-sheet about the weather. They've picked: Arwen; Barra; Corrie; Dudley; Eunice; Franklin; Gladys; Herman; Imani; Jack; Kim; Logan; Méabh; Nasim; Olwen; Pól; Ruby; Seán; Tineke; Vergil; Willemien. Although it is vanishingly unlikely that any of us will experience Storm Tineke, let alone Storm Willemien. Relative populations:

  • Ireland 4.9 million
    • 1
  • Nederland 17.3 million
    • 3.5 x
  • United Kingdom 66.6 million
    • 13.5 x
By long tradition, they never assign names beginning Q U X Y or Z. So the list-length is 21. pro rata, Irish names should get 1 place, Nederlanders 4 and Brits the rest = 16. But four storms are pulling on the green jersey. It's a racing certainty that British news will not acknowledge thé fadas in Méabh; Pól; and Seán.

Previous names, thoughts, pronunciation here last paragraph; ignore the dead sheep.

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