Sunday 27 August 2017

Last Sunday Misc

I don't think I have an addictive personality [my family may give you a different assessment]. When I was a nipper, I chewed my fingernails; it drove my parents and teachers mad but no external remedy [aversive interestingly spicy nail-paint etc.] was effective. Then one day in my early teens I decided that nail-biting was not sufficiently exciting and stopped doing it. It's like that with Youtube.  I've been watching far too much of it recently and it's deeply unsatisfying: I'll restlessly check to see if there is anything new and diverting about forestry, or flash floods, or Fourier transforms, or food processing. There is, of course, because 300 hours on new material is uploaded every minute but it's mostly derivative nonsense. For the last couple of years, on Sundays I've been putting up a digest of 'What I saw / read this week'.  A distillation which leaves most of the nonsense on the cutting room floor.  As of now, I'm giving up on looking to Youtube and Vimeo for entertainment and will read books instead . . . or just sack out on the sofa looking, slack-jawed, at the ceiling. You have been warned

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