Sunday 12 June 2016

Miscellany 120616

  • Catchy-up time. As part of my Women-in-science series [N=50],I was sweeping my hat off to Danica McKellar, child prodigy actor who reinvented herself as a hot-shot mathematician. Here's the woman herself in a short reflective piece to camera.
  • Got Pascal's Wager sorted in your head but still not sure about the existence of god? This short vid may help you get your thoughts together.
  • Dave Swabrick formerly of Fairport Convention died this last week despite a lung-transplant a few years ago. Here he is sawing away on the fiddle for A Sailor's life: check out the still pics throughout.
  • Frank Zappa talking [for an hour] about "a world of sexual incompetents, encountering each other under disco circumstances" and much else.
  • Punk passed me by so I missed Always the Sun by the Stranglers when it first came out: pity.
  • If you've ever reflected on "the gulf widens between what we envision in our minds and what we can do with our feet" a) you're over 40 b) you'll empathise with this nice essay about soccer for crumblies.

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