Sunday 5 June 2016

A joke for Sunday

True story. We were all at Pat the Salt's birthday party on Saturday, even the exiled Dau.I home from being a dinner-lady in a school in England because it's mid-term over there. A fellow worker in the school-catering trade is also from Ireland and was relating a story about a wedding that she was at as a young wan. Following an afternoon dancing with grand-dads and knocking back the vino, she took herself off to the Ladies to freshen up. She was disconcerted to see a sort of bar or indentation across the bridge of her nose, like you might get if you had spectacles. Except that she didn't need spectacles. Frowning, her fuddled brain realised that the line was from continued contact with the opposite rim of many wine-glasses. She was worried and she went to consult with her cool Aunt Kate.

"Auntie Kate, look at this mark on the top of my nose. D'ye think I have a problem with alcoholism?"

"Arragh, not at all Pet, you just need to use a straw"
Se non è vero, è ben trovato.

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