Tuesday 21 June 2016

Make music today

Today, as for the last 35 years in France, is nominated by MinCulture as Fête de la Musique and you are urged to <homophonie alert> faites de la musique ! Preferably in public: singing in the shower as normal is not discouraged but today you are asked to step outside your comfort zone and share. The idea was cooked up in 1981 by muso Maurice Fleuret and MinCulture of the time Jack Lang and the next Summer Solstice was designated Der Tag for bringing out the tin-whistle or some bongos.  The idea spread to other countries but in rather a desultory way. I don't remember the years 2010-2013, when it was official here, as being notably more musical in Ireland. Then again, casual music is commonplace in Ireland - and not just in showers. And yes, I know the Solstice was yesterday, this year, but it's usually on 21st, so 21st has been chosen for every year

The current french MinCulture Audrey Azoulay is making the day a defiance of the forces that threaten the cultural integrity of France, Cette année tout particulièrement, la Fête de la Musique est un manifeste pour le dépassement de nos peurs, la lutte contre la division, parce que la « musique est plus forte » que ceux qui voudraient la faire taire. It is not clear if this patriotic stand against "those who would enforce silence" is about the Bataclan war on terror or Irish football fans exhorting their Swedish oppos to "go home to your sexy wives".

Go on, do: places where things will happen today include
Maputo Ucayali Sangerhausen Ischia Cali.
<homophonie alert> Ucayali Ukulele! blinki blinki pling plong . . . cue George Formby.

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