Saturday 2 January 2016

Christmas Xword answers

I guess nobody [could be bothered to] finished the Christmas 2015 Crossword that I put up a couple of weeks ago to keep my hand in.  But I'm certain sure that you're all panting for the answers.  I'll add some annotation so you have a clue about what was going on in my head.
Clues Across
01ac. ---, Gropius, Werfel Mahler: Alma Maria Schindler married successively the composer, the architect. and the novelist.;  04ac. aka Chaldean Aramean Assyrian synonyms;  09ac. Glutton; Morus spp. Gannet;  10ac. 10o28N 61o15W isle Trinidad;  12ac. Nb named for dau of Ta Niobe Niobium is directly above Tantalum in the periodic table ;  13ac. Арха́нгельск in English Archangel port on Arctic Sea;  15ac. Devonian outcrop Tor geographical feature in Devon and Cornwall;  16ac. Boudicca's people Iceni;  17ac. Wm 021013 Ml 160313 Ramsey the dates refer to Blob Posts;  22ac. Drugged geologist?;  Stoner - joke! 24ac. 86Rn Radon;  27ac. One of the Padidae Tit a class of small bird;  28ac. Snowbird RV Winnebago trade mark of a type of mobile home in whc a snowbird might live;  31ac. Tribromofluoromethane Halon flame retardant and ozone destroyer;  32ac. Flight from LHR to SIN Longhaul;  33ac. The original Hun Attila;  34ac. Benzene girl's name Kathleen "ni Houlihan" Lonsdale;  35ac. Черное море полуостров Crimea - a Black Sea Peninsula; 
Clues Down
01dn. 150t Holocaust 060714 [Lac-]Mégantic;  02dn. Birthplace 1714 UK king Hannover - George I was Elector of H.;  03dn. [Bible] interpreter Exegisist;  05dn. A huge block of ice Serac often formed by intersecting crevasses in a glacier;  06dn. A yiddischer gossip Yenta;  07dn. λ 430nm Indigo wavelength of light;  08dn. Uncancerous lump;  11dn. C.cainii or Fr C.sativa Marron which is both a type of crayfish and the French for chestnut.;  14dn. Cardiac nerve bundle His which runs from the AV-node to the Purkinje Fibres;  18dn. Shandean postscripter 200114  [Robert] Merton;  19dn. Geastraceae fungi Earthstar;  20dn. Commiphora africana resin Bdellium;  21dn. 1/5 of the Iroquois nations Onondaga;  23dn. Globus [cruciger] Orb part of the crown jewels;  25dn. Inventor of Kevlar 020714 [Stephanie] Kwolek;  26dn. What Alexander did in Gordium Unknot - maybe with his sword maybe with more subtlety;  29dn. C2H5- Ethyl;  30dn. Heraldic tincture Azure

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