Thursday 24 December 2015

The No Cross Word crossword

It is traditional in many families that adults assemble in "the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in" to consume more alcohol and saturated animal fat than they are used to. The setting opens up the baggage for the best of us and real or imagined slights are exaggerated until cross words are spoken. Words which will be regretted the following morning if the speaker hasn't drunk enough to forget the whole evening.  That is a most unfortunate state of affairs, so I'm providing an antidote to familial meltdown: crossword therapy. There's maybe enough of a puzzle to divert your mind from a flaming row. Uncle Jim may well be a total ass, but the whole family knows it and so there's no point in telling him in front of them. I've had no compunction about recycling the grid which I used this time two years ago
01ac. ---, Gropius, Werfel   01dn. 150t Holocaust place 060714
04ac. aka Chaldean Aramean   02dn. Birthplace 1714 UKing
09ac. Glutton;Morus bassanus 03dn. [Biblical] interpreter
10ac. 10o28N 61o15W island    05dn. A huge block of ice
12ac. Nb named for her       06dn. A yiddischer gossip
13ac. English Арха́нгельск    07dn. λ 430nm
15ac. Devonian outcrop       08dn. Uncancerous lump
16ac. Boudicca's people      11dn. C.cainii or Fr C.sativa
17ac. Wm 021013 Ml 160313    14dn. Cardiac nerve bundle
22ac. Drugged geologist?     18dn. Shandean postscripter 200114
24ac. 86Rn                    19dn. Geastraceae fungi
27ac. One of the Paridae     20dn. Commiphora africana resin
28ac. Snowbird RV            21dn. 1/5 of the Iroquois nations
31ac. Tribromofluoromethane  23dn. Globus [cruciger]
32ac. Flight eg. LHR to SIN  25dn. Inventor of Kevlar 020714
33ac. The original Hun       26dn. Alexander did it in Gordium
1st name Benzene girl  29dn. C2H5-
35ac. Черное море полуостров 30dn. Heraldic tincture

Happy Holidays! Bingle Jells. Answers in 2016.

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