Sunday 13 December 2015

Sunday sausage 131215

Last Thursday it was the Annual Works Christmas Dinner and I voluntarily went out to dinner, in a restaurant, with colleagues from work. I won't say it's the thing above all that I would rather do in the evening but it was pleasant enough.  Everyone ate too much and when it came time for dessert there were some groans round the table.  I suggested that complainers could make room by doing a Kobayashi shake: a little shimmy of the torso perfected by Takeru Kobayashi the world's most well-known competitive eater. This injection was met with blank stares - my experience of popular culture is clearly different from theirs. Kobayashi has recently been toppled from his hill-of-beans by an up-and-coming young feller from California called Matt Stonie who won this year's Coney Island hot-dog eating contest despite being a slight 54kg 175cm young chap.  He has to be seen to be believed:
That calls for a song or four to lighten the load:

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