Tuesday 8 December 2015

MSDS quiz

This may save your eyes.
MSDS (material safety data sheet) forms are produced by each supplying company to a fairly uniform template. The order is the same: 1. Company contacts; 2. Hazards; 3. Composition etc. but the look&feel is different for different companies.  In an emergency, there is too much [6-8 pages] information.  You need to be familiar with the chemicals you use, but also with the chemicals that your lab-mates use – you may have to deal with the crisis on the next bench. This quiz is designed to force you to read several different MSDS forms to abstract particular information; that way you’ll be quicker off the mark if there is trouble.

1. Answer the questions below, as far as you are able, under exam conditions using your prior training and common sense: it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes - tops.
2. Get access to the internet, set the clock and find the correct answers to the questions from the Source links.
3. Make particular note of cases where common sense is at variance with correct practice.

MSDS Comprehension Quiz
Q1. Is there any evidence that Carmine aka cochineal is mutagenic?
Source: http://url.ie/z6d2
Q2. Acrylamide aka prop-2-enamide [Structure see R].  What is the oral LD50?
Source: http://url.ie/z6d9
Q3. Ethanol. C2H5OH What is the flash-point for Ethyl alcohol? How should you extinguish an ethanol fire?
Source: https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/89308.htm
Q4. 3,5-Dinitrosalicylic Acid. [structure R] Is the oral LD50 less or more for this compound compared to Acrylamide?
Source: https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/IE/en/sds/aldrich/128848
Q5. Sodium hypochlorite. What is distinctive about the look and smell of bleach? What are the characteristic symptoms if ingested?
Source: tinyurl.com/2p9y6z25
Q6. Thorin. 1-(o-arsenophenylazo)-2-naphthol-3, 6-disulphonic acid, sodium salt].  What should you do if Thorin comes into contact with your skin?  What element[s] of its structure [R] suggests toxicity?
Source: tinyurl.com/bdz7rjxx
Q7.  Name two common materials that are incompatible with safe handling of iodine?  What are the recommended conditions for safe storage?
Source: http://www.labchem.com/tools/msds/msds/LC15590.pdf
Q8. What is the most likely effect of oral ingestion of mineral oil?  What is its relative density at 25oC?
Source: http://url.ie/z6de
Q9. Mercapto-ethanol aka 2-Hydroxy-1-ethanethiol [structure  HOC2H4SH].  What is the characteristic colour and odour of this material? How should you extinguish a mercaptoethanol fire?
Source: https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/IE/pt/sds/sigma/m3148
Q10. Cephalosporin aka Ceftriaxone sodium is one of the three antibiotics added to Pseudomonas selective agar base.  Is there any evidence that it is carcinogenic?
Sources: http://url.ie/z6dd
Q11. NaOH. Sodium hydroxide. Lye. Caustic soda. What substances are incompatible with NaOH?
Source: https://www.labchem.com/tools/msds/msds/LC23900.pdf
Q12. In which section of any MSDS form do you find First Aid Measures?

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