Sunday 6 December 2015

Sunday Pubquiz training 061215

I've been successful in Table Quizzes but you can never get enough opportunities for training.
 Back in January, I wrote about Marie Tharp and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Nearly a year later Neatorama is catching up with their own tribs. Including a 5 minute BBC explanation about Tharp and echo-sounding depth recorders. Bonnets Off!

Two years ago, I was on a narcolepsy jag, with 3 posts about this peculiar and not uncommon condition where people fall asleep (narcolepsy) or go all weak (cataplexy) at awkward moments. Here's a reminder of what it might be like to be affected.

Sorry, we're a bit late at The Blob today. I was out at first light shovelling out the drains after Storm Desmond dumped a lot of rain on Ireland.

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