Sunday 13 January 2019

K K K Day

Aphrodite Kallipygos [R Aphrodite of the beautiful bottom]. We have featured a Venus with a more Rubenesque figure before.
Kurious komparisons - turn  sound off!
K Songs
K19 potassium
  • K for Kalium, the Latin word, derived from arabic Qali meaning plant ashes ie pot-ash
  • It's an alkali metal in the first column of the periodic table like Fr87 Francium
  • It is lighter than water Density 0.89g/cc
  • So it floats on water . . . but not for long
  • Most people's diet is chronically short of potassium you need 3.5g/day intake
  • Carbon dating is only good for about 50,000 years. For long time frames (the origin of Homo sapiens for example) you can use the fact that the radioactive isotope 40K decays to 40Argon with a half-life of 1.2 million years.
  • K and its salts burn with a beautiful lilac flame ~760nm wavelength
  • Those salts are very soluble in water. Concentration in seawater is 0.4g/L - about 1/10th the concentration of sodium.
  • You are lugging between 100g - 150g of potassium about with you.
  • Potatoes and pomegranates pack more potassium than bananas

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