Sunday 2 December 2018

F for funny, peculiar

F' fakk's sake!
  • FIDE. Magnus Carlsen just defeated Fabiano Caruana in extra time to retain World Chess Champ title. Event organized by Fédération Internationale des Échecs. A little extra interest was stirred by Shuka design [nice photo essay] with their alt. logo [R] to hint that chess is sexy. Moderate shit storm because the logo was considered not suitable to be seen by children. Me, I'd be more worried by the fact that the entwined figures are playing on a short [36-square] board. Two chess geeks adopt the position. I think that chess is A Good Thing even if I can be routinely beaten by six y.o. kids.
  • Fatbergs at Atlas Obscura
  • Frame-rate compared: US vs EU TVs
  • Fakes and forgeries in Art Jackson Pollack <not!>
  • Ferrous ferric frenetic! Andrew Syzdlo's RI lecture on the chemistry of iron.
    • Syzdlo has the same [problem] delivery style as Cliff Stoll. Exhausting to follow if you're in the same field. Impossible if you know no chemistry.
  • Food. I've been wondering how I could Blobbify the description of a festive dish of macaroni which made me hungry when I read it in The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa aged 15.  By rights we should read it first in Italian, then English.
    • «L’aspetto di quei monumentali pasticci era ben degno di evocare fremiti di ammirazione. L’oro brunito dell’involucro, la fragranza di zucchero e di cannella, non erano che il preludio della sensazione di delizia che sprigionava dall’interno quando il coltello squarciava la crosta: ne erompeva dapprima un fumo carico di aromi e si scorgevano poi i fegatini di pollo, le ovette dure, le sfilettature di prosciutto, di pollo e di tartufi nella massa untuosa, caldissima dei maccheroni corti, cui l’estratto di carne conferiva un prezioso color camoscio.»
    • "The aspect of those monumental dishes of macaroni was worthy of the quivers of admiration they evoked. The burnished gold of the crusts, the fragrance of the sugar and cinnamon they exuded, were but preludes to the delights released from the interior when the knife broke the crust; first came a spice-laden haze, then chicken livers, hard boiled eggs, sliced ham, chicken and truffles in masses of piping hot, glistening macaroni to which the meat juice gave an exquisite hue of suede."
  • Flying in. California chopper pilot drops his ship on a table-cloth to rescue 3 fire-surrounded people and two dogs.
  • Fiddler / roof. Topol gives it socks.
  • Finance. Crowd-funding social housing . . . in Mooncoin. Could be a scam, could be a socially inclusive investment.

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