Tuesday 25 December 2018

Christmas morning

By tradition we should really be tuned into the family this morning. But I acknowledge that you may be alone all day, or prepping to go join the family. Maybe (this is an outside horse) The Blob is a regular part of your morning routine, like eating the porridge and brushing your teeth.
Other news. It is my plan to plunge nearly naked into the sea from Tramore Prom between 1100hrs and Noon local time, this day. [Last year higher tide, not me!] Dau.I that hardy annual has said she'll komm mit. If The Blob doesn't surface tomorrow, I will have gone (blue) to a better place.
Later I hope the cracker mottoes are up to standard:
  • Q. What do you give the man who has everything?
    • A. Antibiotics
  • I cried when I chopped up Onions
    • He'd been such a loyal pet.
  • Good King Wenceslas phoned for a pizza. 
    • They asked him 'Do you want your usual? Deep pan, crisp and even?'

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