Sunday 14 October 2018

Miscelladay 141018

Does it matter that anyone is reading this stuff? Not really. I do it 'for the record' so that I'll have something to read when I retire. But I wish the freakin' parasites of the interweb would leave me alone. Over the last tuthree months I've noticed a blip of interest from a variety of peculiar 'referrer' sites which turn out to host advertisements for monetizing your blog. There is now another pattern (see above) where, ever other day, 60+ readers tune in all at once and then drift away to the next bright inconsequential thing. I though this might be in response to a tweet about my stuff and a loyal and immediate response from followers. But I think it's just robots. Subtracting that, it looks like, to the nearest whole number, you are the only person reading The Blob today.

Cute of the Day:
We read a book that suggested you ask your kid what an appropriate punishment for misbehaving would be and then carry it out. 6 yo son pinched his brother or something, so we asked what an appropriate punishment would be. He said “pluck out my eyeballs and throw me over a cliff?”. We didn't follow through. And stopped reading parenting books.

Go on what's bin happenin':

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  1. I'm not a robot, and I really appreciate what you are doing here. Thanks for all the good posts over the last five years.