Sunday 25 June 2017

Robots and people 250617

Very miscellaneous today
  • Sumo robots losing chunks. [via kottke]
  • Lupus Housepus. You only notice peculiar words if they appear twice in quick succession. Dau.II would never have twigged that the Black Doctor in House was partial to diagnosing any and everything as Lupus if she'd seen an episode a week like Christian. Binge-watching a whole series in a day-long marathon was, shall we say, trigger-happy for Lupus.
  • Dads catch a few; it's not true to say they are mere sperm-donors.
  • Nostalgia alert. AtlasObscura readers share favorite children's books. I recognise none of them which is a rather wonderful celebration of long-tail diversity. There is more to children's literature than Harry Potter and Judy Blume.
  • Medieval roof trusses felled in the noisy modern way by The Blob's favorite tree surgeon.
  • Soldiering. A few years ago I had chose to bicycle the 40km to work because the gear box fell out of the car. We live about 200m above The Institute but it's all up and down between. I was fresh enough to teach my classes when I arrived and set off home in fine fettle. Nearing home there was a stretch where, far from being able to cycle up the hill, my jelly-knees couldn't even walk up the incline. I am a sofa person
  • Kodaline - Brother - [prev All I want]
  • Had lunch with Dau.I on Friday: she suggested Symmetry Breakfast
  • If you like drop of Shagsper [recently], you might like to check out the modern blank verse of Charles III. Trailer.

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