Sunday 22 May 2016

Three Years no holidays

A holiday, in naval slang, is a gap - in a stretch of varnished quarter-deck railing for example. The bo'sun would berate you if you had missed out a bit; as my father used to rail at his children if we hadn't mowed all the lawn. "But you've left a huge holiday behind the apple tree!" So the title means that today I completed 3 years of gentle bloggin' without failing to put up something every single day. Hats off to me! In 2014 After one year of relentless bloggin' it felt like a milestone; on 22 May 2015 after two years I felt smug. Now I'm feeling a bit tired. The Blob is a bit like the tail wagging the dog but in a way the tail has become the dog. Although many posts are triggered by some current event in science, the Arts or politics, it doesn't take much to relate that observation to some part of my previous life.  Indeed if there is no connexion, I probably won't write about it. I must be running out of things to say because it often seems like I've covered every event I can remember. Indeed, it's often like the old joke about Alzheimer's being exciting because you meet new people every day: I'll read something I wrote last year and a) think 'this is pretty nifty' and at the same time b) wonder where that came from.

3 x 365 +1 for the leap year is about 1100 days.  Because I started in January 2013, [without any intention of making it a daily ritual] and because there have a been some twofer days, the Blob is today just shy of 1400 posts and a couple of hundred short of 900,000 words. I don't where it all comes from but I have reasonable idea of where it all goes to: in terms of pageviews you-the-reader is from:

  1. United States 37000
  2. Ireland 34000
  3. Russia 11000
  4. France 7000
  5. Germany 6000
  6. United Kingdom 6000
  7. Ukraine 5000
  8. China 1000
  9. Poland 900
  10. Turkey 500
  11. The rest [N=23K must be at least 50 different countries] nowhere
I went through some shenanigans to get the mail through like the Pony Express . . . until someone pointed out that, like any irksome or tedious book-keeping task, you can have the computer get up at 0630hrs and make a pre-written post public. It's thus possible to stack up a few kilowords on blogspot and disappear beyond the reach of WiFi & broadband.  In rural Ireland you don't have to go far to achieve this.

I'll have more to say about the wonderful wide world [and less introspective navel-gazing] tomorrow.


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