Saturday 11 October 2014


ICE = in case of emergency.  It's an idea that I first saw advertised in a Credit Union in Waterford a couple of years ago but that's just me being Bobby-come-lately.  The idea was conceived by a British paramedic called Bob Brotchie in 2005 to make his day-and-night job a bit easier. When you have that accident and Bob Brotchie's colleagues are using the jaws-of-life to prise you out of the wreck, they will try to contact your next of kin. Not many of us have the phone-number of our beloved tattooed on our chests and, under the circumstances, your pocket-diary and wallet are likely to be soaked in blood. But everybody has a mobile phone nowadays unless they're German in which case the have a handy instead.

This is what you do.  Add a contact to your address book called ICE and put the key phone number(s) in there.  Many paramedics in Europe and increasingly in North America are now trained to send a call if there is an ICE entry on your phone.  I updated my phone last night, I feel better already.  If you all do the same, we'll have a movement.

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