Sunday 13 July 2014

Sugru: it works

I wrote awhile back about the wonders of Sugru, the stuff that can fix anything.  That post was purely aspirational.  Now I can share some of the the results.
  1. My 5 y.o. walking boots had developed a flexure-crack in the fabric where the toes bend to the foot.  Now, while you can see the join, I can't feel the cold breeze on my sock and the boots are back to being as waterproof as Gortex can ever be.  What you see in the upper red circle is about half a pack and I used up the rest elsewhere on the sole and upper of the same boot partly for prophylaxis and partly because it was needed. 
  2. The Beloved dropped the second-best kitchen scissors on the floor and they would have been sent to landfill but for a touch of Sugru to secure the handle to the blade better than it was before. 
  3. Thanks be that, while my eyesight has been deteriorating for the last ten+ years, it has been doing so symmetrically.  So when I lose or break a pair of specs I can go to a pound-shop or Alidli and get another pair for €2.99.  But sometimes the damage is not fatal, merely inconvenient or uncomfortable.  Here I show you a Sugru replacement nose-support in the lower red circle.
  4. The white plastic specs are really from a pound-shop in England and cost 99p but the frame cracked on me so that the lens was always in danger of dropping down a drain.  A mere whisper of Sugru bridged the gap and now it's a firm as ever - firmer indeed because for 99p you don't get the best of Hackney engineering-quality plastic.
So how cool is that.  I've spent about €5 on Sugru and saved a bunch of stuff from the dump.  Sure I could buy more of these cheap-n-cheerful tools and boost the global economy but fixing them is better for the planet and better for my pawky parsimonious soul.


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  2. John Seymour would have approved methinks, and possibly done a product endorsement, not that the blog don't carry weight in that department, at least I'm convinced