Friday 28 January 2022

Fetish your Carhartt

Last Summer, my Michigander pal came visiting, in a brief window of covid-opportunity, to see a man about a farm on the other side of the valley. We hung out a bit and walked up the hill and had a nice lunch in the open air, so we didn't kill each other with spittle-bugs. When he was leaving, he kindly presented us with matching his'n'hers quilted gilets very discretely marked with his company logo. We've both worn these handy arms-free, pocket-enriched garments a lot since last July.

Earlier in the week, my youtube feed delivered a piece to camera by Beau of the Fifth Column, a journalist from Virginia who offers sensible down-home commentary about Antics American from his garage / workshop. According to Beau, folks in Middle America are burning their hats in protest that Carhartt, the now global work-wear company [R, as fashion accessory] is insisting that all their employees be vaccinated. This is one variant on a boycott the vaxxers crazy-fest from the anti-vaxx opposition. I was guessing that anti-vaxxers wouldn't own a Carhartt hat - being full equipped with one made of tinfoil . . . but no, it seems that Carharrt was getting to be associated with, say, those fomenting the Capitol Insurrection a year and a bit ago.

Well, it turns out that our gilets are built by Carhartt! It's a wild world when you realise that something quite ordinary, but extra-ordinarily utilitarian and comfy is a) making a down with the hood fashion-statement at the same time as b) waving the flag for prophylactic vaccination. Cue ♬ ♫ ♩ ♪ vaxx me tender, vaxx me dear, tell me you are mine. I tell ya b'ys if Elvis was alive today [and we know he is] he wouldn't be kissing the audience!

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